Amy and Amber (Pony Camp Diaries)

Kelly McKain
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Kelly McCain worked as teacher and advertising copywriter before becoming an author.

She also completed an M. She is now a full time writer and has had over 30 books published. She lives in Surrey with her family and dog, and enjoys riding when she can.

Kelly McKain

She now has her own website where you can find lots of info about her and her books. Pony Camp Diaries Series: Set on a pony camp at Sunnyside Stables and told in diary format, each book follows the adventures of a different girl and the pony whom she has been assigned to for the camp.

Can kind pony Prince help her get over her fears? Can pony camp and new pony Charm restore her happiness?

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More exciting still, it turns out that they're all off on a trail ride and a camp out with a real cowboy. Hannah learns her sad story, and sees how well she has recovered. But there must be something she can do to help other ponies like Hope?

Amy and Amber (Pony Camp Diaries, book 11) by Kelly McKain

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Panda Foo and the New Fr The Buried Moon and Othe Walker Stories 20 differ Rugby Rebel 3: War of Bloodcurling Box of 20 B Two months ago, she fell during a riding competition and broke her arm. The riding instructor at camp assures Penny that her pony, Prince, is the perfect horse to help her get back in the saddle. Will Penny find the confidence to ride again, with the help of her beloved Prince? Megan is a spirited young girl who is SO excited to be at pony camp!

Amy and Amber

She desperately wants a fast horse - not like the plodders she always seems to get back home at her riding school. Deep down, though, she's a little nervous about riding a fast horse, and about being away from home for the first time. But she has decided to be Megan the Brave.

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Can she live up to the title? Sophie and Sparkle.

Amy and Amber 11 (Pony Camp Diaries)

Sophie arrives at Pony Camp for the week where she is excited to get her own pony, Sparkle, to ride and care for! Sophie thinks that the other girls at Pony Camp are very nice, but during the week some of their belongings begin to disappear.

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Amy and Amber (Pony Camp Diaries) [Kelly McKain] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Amy heads off to Pony Camp, she expects to . Amy and Amber (Pony Camp Diaries Book 11) - Kindle edition by Kelly McKain, Mandy Stanley. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones .

Could there be a thief in their group? Chloe and Cookie.

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Chloe finally arrives at Pony Camp! When Chloe is given Cookie to ride instead of her idea of the perfect pony, Charm; Chloe is concerned that her dreams of a clear round are in the dust!


Sophie and Shine. Sophie is thrilled to arrive at Pony Camp and meet her gorgeous pony, Shine.

Goodwood Pony Club // Summer Camp 2015

But her parents have been too busy to take her riding recently and she's disappointed when she is put in the beginners' group.